Preserving The Canadian Civil Defence / Emergency Preparedness History

Canadian Civil Defence ………Pamphlets



11 Steps To Survival 1961


Civil Defence Supplement 33 Sept 1956


Peacetime Disaster Self-Help Advice 1971


What is Civil Defence


How To Build A Shelter 1952


Canadian Civil Defence Do’s and Dont’s 1952


Primary Treatment Services 1958


Survival In  Likely Target Areas


The H Bomb


Alberta Civil Defence Wardens Manual


Alberta Emergencies Happen


Alberta Civil Defence BA Alberta


Alberta Civil Defence Survival Booklets


Civil Defence Survival Instructions For the City Of Edmonton 1956


Civil Defence Auxiliary Police Service 1953


If You Live In The Target Area 1958


Tell The Public


Air Raids 1960’s


Basement Fallout Shelter


Fallout On The Farm 1961


Your Basement Fallout Shelter


Simpler Shelter 1962


Emergency First Aid 1954


Basic Rescue Skills


Welfare Tips For Survival 1962


Your Emergency Pack 1961


Your Emergency Pack 1962


Evacuation and Shelter Policy

Your Evacuation Pack 1958


Survival In A Nuclear War


Civil Defence And Your Life 1958


Civil Defence Notebook



Civil Defence Basic First Aid 1951


Civil Defence First Aid and Home Nursing 1952


The Effects Of An ATOMIC Bomb Explosion 1953


Personal Protection Under Atomic Attack


Civil Defence Emergency Broadcasting Transmitters 

Halifax Civil Defence Survival Instructions


How Nuclear Fission Can Affect You


Civil Defence Evactustion and Survival for Greater Vancouver 1957


Civil Defence Evacuation and Survival for Greater Vancouver 1957 North Vancouver


Canadian Radiac Civil Defence Instruments Manual


Organization For Civil Defence 1950


The Effects Of An Atomic Bomb 1952


Family Blast Shelter


Family Blast Shelters 30psi 1962


Radiation And Man




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