Pinetree Line Miscellaneous

1948-1954 – The Pinetree Line – Assorted Sources


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  1. ConAC and RCAF Negotiations in Extending the Defence System – 1954.
    Courtesy National Archives of Canada. 
  2. Operation Bluenose – 1953.
    Courtesy As Indicated. 
  3. Radar Techs at Provincial Institute of Trades in Toronto. Roland Leroux, back row, 4th from right – November 1952.
    Courtesy Roland Leroux. 
  4. Operation SUNAC (Support of North Atlantic Construction) – 1951-1952.
    Courtesy As Indicated. 
  5. Newspaper clipping on the Radar Defense Bill – 17 March 1949.
    Courtesy Al Grobmeier. 



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