1951 – Authorized Construction – National Archives of Canada

16 Nov 51

Air Officer Commanding,
RCAF Air Materiel Command,
#8 Temporary Building,
Ottawa, Ontario.

Attention: SPCSO

Sub-Section Detail

  1. This is to amend our letter of even reference dated 7 Dec 50.
  2. The following buildings are being constructed or are authorized to be constructed at Holberg:
  1. Operations Building (USAF type 2) with adjacent towers
  2. One Combined Mess (RCAF Design) – (12-32-45)
  3. One Officer’s Quarters (6 man)
  4. One NCOs Quarters (20 man)
  5. One OR Quarters (52 man)
  6. One Supply Building (Armco type)
  7. One C&E Maintenance Building (Armco type)
  8. One garage (6 Bay) Armco type
  9. Sixty-five Dependent’s houses
  10. One 3-room school
  11. One 10-bed hospital
  12. Other supporting buildings and installations such as pump-house, storage tanks, sewage treatment plants, etc.
  1. Two 2-room schools are being provided at Mont Upica, McCarthy (Parent), Senneterre, Clarke City and Ste. Marie. One 3-room school is being provided at Edgar, Falconbridge, Foymount and Holberg.
  2. Ten-bed hospitals are to be provided at Senneterre, McCarthy, Mont Upica, Lac St. Denis (Lac St. Joseph), Edgar, Falconbridge, Foymount and Holberg. It is possible that similar hospitals will shortly be approved for Clarke City, Sidney, Ste. Marie and Halifax.
  3. Dependents houses, hospital and School for Chatham Radio Station will be located at the airfield.
  4. Personnel for Comox Radio Station will be accommodated entirely at the airfield at Comox. Personnel for Tofino Radio Station will be accommodated in renovated buildings at the airfield at Tofino. This is the subject of separate correspondence.
  5. This letter should be read in conjunction with our letter ref S.600-80-2(A/SR/Co-Ord) dated 13 Nov 51 which lists sub-detail for Clarke City and Sidney.
  6. You will be advised of future changes or additions at each station.

Signed by:

(CG Ruttan) G/C
for CAS