Construction of the Pinetree Line commenced as a joint Canadian (RCAF) and American (USAF) project in the early 50’s. These radar stations were constructed and strategically located to counter the Soviet air threat against North America, and initially, they were fully manual early warning or aircraft control and warning (AC&W) systems which were established into geographical sectors. 

Radar appears to have become rather well known as a result of activities which occurred during World War II in Europe. What is not commonly known is the fact that there were a number of radio-stations (radar sites) in Canada during World War Two. Most, if not all of these locations were closed down at the end of the war, but it did not take too long for the Canadian and American governments to issue their concerns.

The Pinetree Line was the result of a great deal of planning, organization and a mutual understanding of trust and need for both Canada and the United States.

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  1. 1952-1958 – North American Air Defence Systems.
  2. 1948-1954 – Operation SUNAC, Operation Bluenose.
  3. 1941-1955 – In the Beginning.
  4. 1939-1945 – Radar in Canada – The Early Days.