Built in 1966, 5720 square ft and designed by Webb Zerafa Menkes and Matthews, same firm that designed CN Tower

About 40 people could stay in the bunker, but the county had a list of 78 positions that would have access to it in an emergency. These included 10 elected officials, fire, police and public utility officials, as well as more practical positions such as eight radio operators, four typists and a cook.”

“Operational headquarters, administration building and training centre. It included decontamination showers near the entrance and 14 rooms, including a large operations room, message centre, radio room, several offices, a kitchen, and separate dormitories and washrooms for men and women.


Council to decide fate of MEGHQ-FREEPORT, Kitchener’s cold war nuclear shelter

Considering the fate of Kitchener’s Cold War-era nuclear bunker