Holberg, BC
Site #: R-35, C-18
AC&W #: 501 AC&W (RCAF)
  53 AC&W (RCAF)
Callsign: CanCan, Consort
Construction Dates: Start: October 1950
  End: 1 January 1954
Operational Date: 25 April 1954
SAGE Operational: 1 January 1964
Radar Equipment: Search: FPS-3, FPS-508, FPS-93
  Height: FPS-6, FPS-507, FPS-6X
Closure Date: 17 January 1991

Station Holberg is located at the head of the Holberg Inlet on the North West corner of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The general terrain is ruggedly beautiful and ideally suited to good hunting and fishing. The weather is moderate, with a considerable amount of rain in the winter months.

Station Holberg formally came into being on 1 Jan 54, with the establishment of 501 Squadron. On 1 Aug 56 the unit was re-designated 53 AC&W Squadron and assumed a major role in the Western area of the North American Air Defence System. Once again the designation and operational function of the unit was changed, when, on 1 Jun 63 the unit was renamed 53 Radar Squadron and assumed a semi-automatic ground environment capability. In August 67 the unit was given its present name of Canadian Forces Station Holberg.

CFS Holberg is a unit of Air Command and is further allocated to Fighter Group, which is responsible for providing Combat ready Air Defence forces to enforce Canadian sovereignty over national airspace and to meet Canada’s commitment to continental defence under the NORAD agreements. As mentioned above operational control of our day-to-day activity is exercised by 24 NORAD region with headquarters in Malmstrom AFB, Montana. CFS Holberg is also responsible to the Commander of Pacific Region on such matters as medical, legal and aid to civil authority.


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