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Top Secret: The Lives of Employees at CFS Carp
Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum
Carp , OntarioEnter
   The Diefenbunker: Canada’s
Cold War Museum was
originally called Canadian
Forces Station Carp, and its
purpose was to house elements
of the federal government in
the event of a nuclear attack
during the Cold War.
Commissioned by then Prime
Minister John Diefenbaker,
the facility was built as
part of the government’s
contingency plan to protect
Canada from a nuclear attack.
CFS Carp (nicknamed the
Diefenbunker) was one of
several emergency government
facilities built throughout
Canada. Its position as
Canada’s Central Emergency
Government Headquarters meant
that it would house the Prime
Minister and Governor General
in the event of a lockdown
situation, and that it would
coordinate communications
from the regional and zonal
headquarters. The
Diefenbunker is a 100,000
square foot underground
facility designed for 535
people in a lockdown period
of 30 days. The Diefenbunker
remained an active military
communications base from 1962
until it was decommissioned
in 1994. During that time,
between 100 and 150 people
were stationed at the base at
all times and were involved
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