Edgar, ON

1951 – AC&W Station – Edgar, ON – National Archives of Canada


S.19-78-2 (DSR/CO-ORD)
DATED 30 MAY 51AC&W Station – EDGAR, Ont.

Date of Visit – 23 May 51

General Review

  1. Construction at this site began in November 1950, and has proceeded without difficulty.
  2. The station is accessible via a good gravel road. The domestic site is presently under construction and the Operations Building area is accessible via a good gravel road. Normal improvement will be necessary upon completion of construction.
  3. The foundation of the Operations Building and towers have been completed since February, 1951, and have been awaiting structural steel since this date. Steel was “supposed to” have arrived in May, 1951, but to date there is no firm written delivery date for steel. After receipt of structural steel it is estimated that the Operations Building will be ready for electronic equipment in three to five months.
  4. The foundations of the combined mess and combined quarters have all been completed since February, 1951, and have been awaiting structural steel since this date.
  5. The three “Armco” huts were erected in November, 1950, and at present lack only floors and services. It is proposed to lay the floors in June, 1951.
  6. It is estimated that the sixty-five married quarters are 65% complete and all should be completed, LESS SERVICES, by 15 Jul 51.
  7. The foundation for the school is nearing completion. Work has started on the central heating plant. Construction of the sewage disposal plant is scheduled to commence 7 Jun 51. Construction of the pump house has not started.
  8. A suitable source of water for the station has not been located but tests are continuing. It is proposed to construct a 200,000-gallon reservoir adjacent to the Operations Building. Construction has not started on this.
  9. Transmitter and Receiver Buildings have not been sited.


  1. Construction at this station will likely cease in the near future unless structural steel is immediately forthcoming. It is tragic to see the construction of the most essential buildings halted for three months with bare foundations awaiting steel.


  1. It is recommended that structural steel be made available immediately to the contractor at this station.