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Becoming a member of the CCDMA helps us keep the lights on at CFS Alsask and on the web, and is a great way to support our efforts to keep the history of Canada’s Civil Defence efforts alive.  If you have an interest in the Cold War, and how Canada played a part in the defence of North America and Europe, or if you are just interested in the preservation of history you can play an important part with your membership.

To become a member of the Canadian Civil Defence Museum and Archives please click on the link below to download your membership form. Fill the form with the required information and save it. The saved filled form needs to be emailed to The membership fee of $5 can be payed via PayPal, Gofundme, Credit Card, Cash or Cheque.

Members of the CCDMA can access our member-only video events, receive the CCDMA newsletter, and take advantage of a 5% discount on all CCDMA merchandise. Of course, you also have a vote at our annual general meeting and can serve on committees, or become involved in the running of the organization by being elected to the Board.

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