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1958 – Programme for Radars – National Archives of Canada




Ottawa, Ont.
14 Oct 58Introduction

The Cabinet Defence Committee at its 121st meeting on 21 August 1958 agreed to recommend to Cabinet that approval in principle be given to the establishment of two heavy radars and six gap filler radars as a northward extension of the Pinetree Radar System. The two heavy radars will be at Moosonee, Ontario and at Chibougamau Quebec. The six gap filler radars will be located at La Tuque, Que., Lac-du-Loup, Que., Manton River, Ont., Biscotasing, Ont., Timmins, Ont., and Belle Terre, Que.Purpose

The purpose of this paper is to present a programme for the establishment of the two heavy radars and the six gap filler radars.Basic Assumptions

The following basic assumptions were made in preparing the programme and have been confirmed by CPC:

each of the radar locations will be a completely new site
the construction sitings of the Moosonee and Chibougamau radars have been confirmed
the construction sitings at the 6 gap filler radars have been confirmed
the heavy radars and the gap fillers will for part of the SAGE system and will be adapted to the control of BOMARC missiles
the heavy radars will have a growth potential to operate under Mode III conditions and the design of the Operations buildings (GCI Special as at Cold Lake) will provide for this potential
the operational date for all radar sites will be 1 Mar 62 (this date will coincide with the operational date of the Ottawa SAGE Sector)
all costs of the programme will be borne by Canada

Programmed Items

The detailed programme for the major items appears in the following appendices:

App A – Construction.
App B – Telecom Equipment and Facilities
App C – Personnel Establishment
Personnel Manning and Training.

Those areas which require particular attention are discussed below.Sector Boundaries

Existing plans for the location of the Ottawa Sector boundaries place the Moosonee radar and the gap filler radars at Biscotasing and Timmins outside the Ottawa Sector. Since these radars will be internal inputs of the Ottawa Sector some revision of the sector boundaries appears necessary to ensure maximum usage of the coverage from these radars.Telecommunications

The provision and installation of telecom equipment and facilities present no major problems. Close adherence to the programme outlined in App B, however, will be necessary.Personnel Establishments and Training

Since the gap filler radars will operate unattended and will be maintained by personnel from their parent radars, only the personnel requirements for the two heavy radars need be considered. The personnel establishment for each of the heavy radar sites is 252, comprised of 11 officers, 156 airmen and 85 civilians.

No difficulty is anticipated in meeting the training requirements for personnel. However, since the programme represents an increase in total manpower, the airmen required must be available at the Manning Depot by 1 Aug 60 to permit selection prior to basic trade training courses.Consolidated Cost Estimates

The implementation of the programme is established to cost $37,216,488. A sample breakdown of the costs is shown in App E.

The cost of the programme will be borne by Canada.Conclusion

The programme outlined in the attached appendices will permit the two heavy radars and the six gap filler radars to be operational by 1 Mar 62.Recommendation

To meet the above operational date it is recommended that the programme be approved.

A – Construction
B – Telecommunication
C – Personnel Establishment
D – Personnel Training
E – Consolidated Cost Estimates

TO: S955-110
Construction Costs

An itemized costing of the construction requirements generated by the establishment of the two heavy radar sites and the six gap filler radar sites appears below.

  1. Moosonee and Chibougamau – Heavy Radars

The construction costs of the Moosonee and Chibougamau sites will be approximately the same. The following per site costs apply:

Item NumberDescriptionCost
1Operations Building$2,000,000
2Power Plant (1000 KW)370,000
3Fuel Storage75,000
4Water Supply Reservoir172,500
5Water Distribution144,000
6Transmitter Facilities – 1500 sq. ft. site – 50 KW 24 masts150,000
7Receiver Facilities – 1000 sq. ft. site – 10 KW 24 masts112,500
8UHF 10 KW Transmitter Facilities95,000
9Fencing of operational area and operations building175,000
11Parking Facilities75,000
12Gate and Guard House45,000
13Administration Building112,500
14Combined Mess275,000
15Combined Quarters600,000
16Hospital – 10 Bed150,000
17Recreation Hall450,000
18Central Heating Plant200,000
19CE Building75,000
20ME Building150,000
21Supply Building150,000
22Fire Hall90,000
23Inflammable Stores5,000
24Sewage Disposal Plant200,000
25Sewage Collection100,000
26ME Fuel Storage15,000
27Power Distribution and Street Lighting400,000
28Steam Distribution400,000
29Landscaping and Drainage100,000
30Sports Field3,000
31Ration Depot225,000
32PMQ’s (114)1,425,000
33School (6 classrooms)100,000
34Combined Chapel100,000
35Survey, soil analysis, design, & property acquisition322,234

TOTAL PER SITE – $9,491.734

La Tuque, Quebec – Gap Filler

Item NumberDescriptionCost
1Clearing and grading$2,000
2Access Road20,000
3Power tie in to nearest commercial source82,000
4APU and power distribution17,000
5Pipe Line and fuel storage10,000
7Electronics Building23,000
8Survey, soil analysis, design & construction contingencies15,600

TOTAL – $171,600

Lac du Loup, Quebec – Gap Filler

Item NumberDescriptionCost
1Clearing and grading$1,000
2Access Road800
3Diesel and power distribution47,000
4Pipe Line and Fuel storage10,000
6Electronics Building23,000
7Survey, soil analysis, design & construction contingencies8,380

TOTAL – $91,180

Manton River, Ont. – Gap Filler

Item NumberDescriptionCost
1Clearing and grading$2,000
2Access Road18,000
3Tie in to commercial power20,000
4APU and power distribution17,000
5Pipe Line and fuel storage3,000
7Electronics Building20,000
8Survey, soil analysis, design & construction contingencies8,190

TOTAL – $90,090

Biscotasing, Ont. – Gap Filler

Item NumberDescriptionCost
1Clearing and grading$3,000
2Access Road45,000
3Diesel and power distribution51,000
4Pipe Line and fuel storage3,000
6Electronics Building20,000
7Survey, soil analysis, design & construction contingencies12,350

TOTAL – $135,850

Timmins, Ont. – Gap Filler

Item NumberDescriptionCost
1Clearing and Grading$3,000
2Unusual foundations conditions2,000
3Access Road5,000
4Tie in to commercial power32,000
5APU and power distribution17,000
6Pipe Line and fuel storage3,000
8Electronics Building20,000
9Survey, soil analysis, design & construction contingencies6,350

TOTAL – $69,850

Belle Terre, Quebec – Gap Filler

Item NumberDescriptionCost
1Clearing and Grading$500
2Access Road6,000
3Diesel and power distribution47,000
5Electronics Building23,000
6Survey, soil analysis, design & construction contingencies7,000

TOTAL – $86,350


The phasing of the construction programme is shown below:

Site surveys, soil analysis and possible property acquisitionSep 58Nov 58$702,338*CCE
Design, preparation of plans, specifications, contract awardNov 58May 59 CCE
ConstructionJun 59Dec 60 **$18,927,050CCE

* – $78,000 of this amount has been approved and the balance is being processed.

** – Dec 60 is the date at which construction is to be completed to the extent that the installation of equipment can commence.