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1961 – Construction of Western Radar Sites – National Archives of Canada

S10-100-80/5 TD 0354(CCE)
24 Mar 61

The Secretary,
The Treasury Board,
Department of Finance,
Ottawa, Ontario.

Attention: Mr. JA MacDonald

Dear Sir:

Re: Prime Radar Construction at Penhold,
Alsask, Gypsumville, Yorkton and Dana

Reference is made to the following construction items at the subject stations as approved by Treasury Board Minute 560345 dated 24 March 1960.

StationSerial No. and ItemCost
Penhold13(60-61) FPS-7 Search Radar Tower$800,000.00
Alsask21(60-61) FPS-27 Search Radar Tower$800,000.00
Gypsumville23(60-61) FPS-27 Search Radar Tower$800,000.00
Yorkton21(60-61) FPS-28 Search Radar Tower$1,000,000.00
Dana21(60-61) FPS-7 Search Radar Tower$800,000.00

At the time of presentation of the Treasury Board submission it was planned to install FPS-7, FPS-27 and FPS-28 Search Radars at the various western heavy radar stations as indicated in the above approved items. However, for technical reasons it has been decided to eliminate the use of the FPS-28 at Yorkton and replace it with the FPS-27. Also, for technical reasons, the FPS-7 at Penhold is to be replaced by the FPS-27, the FPS-27 at Alsask is to be replaced by the FPS-7 and at Dana the FPS-27 replaces the FPS-7. No change of search radar for Gypsumville is required.

Further to the above, it has been determined that there is also a requirement for an additional building known as a Technical Annex which will house support facilities for the FPS-7 and FPS-27 radars. This building is in effect, a function of the search radar tower and therefore will be built adjacent to the tower. The structural designs of the radar towers are such that they preclude the possibility of accommodating the support facilities within the towers proper.

The Technical Annex houses a small heating plant of 720 square feet; a technical stores area of 1590 square feet; a telecommunication room of 1200 square feet; a switch room of 160 square feet; a radar workshop of 450 square feet; and a lunch room of 487 square feet. The general construction is of concrete block.

The $8000,000.oo approved for the construction of each FPS-7 and FPS-27 search radar is sufficient to include the construction costs of a supporting Technical Annex.

As the FPS-28 search radar is being replaced at Yorkton by and FPS-7, the $1,000,000.00 authorized for the FPS-28 may be reduced to $800,000.00.

In consideration of the foregoing, the following amendments to Treasury Board Minute 560345 are recommended:

StationSerial No. and ItemCost
PenholdDelete 13(60-61) FPS-7 Search Radar Tower
Add 13(60-61) Search Radar Rower and Technical Annex
AlsaskDelete 21(60-61) FPS-27 Search Radar Tower
Add 21(60-61) Search Radar Tower and Technical Annex
GypsumvilleDelete 23(60-61) FPS-27 Search Radar Tower
Add 23(60-61) Search Radar Tower and Technical Annex
YorktonDelete 21(60-61) FPS-28 Search Radar Tower
Add 21(60-61) Search Radar Tower and Technical Annex
Transfer funds in the amount of $200,000.00 from primary 81 (Major Construction) to Primary 83 (Unallotted)
DanaDelete 21(60-61) FPS-7 Search Radar Tower
Add 21(60-61) Search Radar Tower and Technical Annex

Yours sincerely,

Signed by:

(EB Armstrong)
Deputy Minister


(LV Carver) W/C

(CL Inglis) G/C

(RB Whiting) A/C