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Welcome to the Pinetree Line!

  • In The Beginning The beginning of the Pinetree Line.
  • Slide Show This series of slides is reproduced from an official presentation from the Cold War era. It clearly shows the overwhelming concern about nuclear attack and stresses the kind of political and military climate that the thousands of personnel lived with while serving on the Pinetree Line.
  • Reports This section offers an assortment of monthly progress reports which originated within the Pinetree Project Office covering the Pinetree Line during the years 1952-55. We have also obtained a small number of Canadian External Relations reports which pertain to the Pinetree Line or Contintental Defence during the years 1952-55.

The Physical Locations:

  • Radar Stations Map This map shows the location of the 44 Pinetree Line radar sites on a map of Canada. Click on the map for a larger and more detailed view.
  • Air Defence Boundaries This series of maps shows the locations of the various Regional Operational Control Centres, NORAD boundaries and radar coverage by the various sites and spans the years 1955 through 1975.
  • Pinetree Locations This is the index page for the 44 sites on the Pinetree Line. Beside each name is the date of the last update of information for that site. Clicking on the name of a station takes you to an “index card” with statistical data and links to photos, area maps, crests and travel detail specific to that station. Not all the detail is complete. If you have information that can fill in the gaps please consider contributing to this site.
  • Gap Fillers  Besides the main stations on the Pinetree Line there were a series of “Gap Fillers” planned and built to cover the gaps in radar coverage. Information on these sites are similar to that for the main locations.


  • Miscellaneous This page is the gathering place for all items that don’t fit in anywhere else on this site.

Other Pinetree Line Pages

  • Other Resources This page includes Web sites, articles, books and videos that are related to the Pinetree Line. If you are looking for more information this is a great starting point.



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