Preserving The Canadian Civil Defence / Emergency Preparedness History

Historical Resources

-The History of the Canadian Civil Defence 1939-1965

-History of The Canadian Civil Defence College

-Preparing for the Bomb The Development of Civil Defence Policy in Canada, 1948-1963 Mark Davidson


-Annihilation Map / Saskatchewan Bunker Map

-Simple Shelters? By Andrew Burtch

-Ontario Former Air Raid Siren  Locations

-Edmonton Former Air Raid Siren Locations

-Cold War Documentary Videos

-Secrets of Medicine Hat Underground Hospital

-Secrets of Medicine Hat Underground Civil Defence Hospital

-Canadian Civil Defence Helmets

-Underground Complex in North Bay, Ontario

-North Bay’s Norad bunker may house country’s endangered archives

-NORAD North Bay – The Story of Living underground

-Canada 1945 to Present » Cold War

-Are you still waiting for the air raid siren?

-The Cold War Time Line

-Canada in the Cold War

-Cold War Jitters

-Canadian Helmet History

-Effects Of The Cold War Era In Canada

-Beyond the Diefenbunker: Canada’s Forgotten “Little Bunkers”

-Nuclear Defence An Explanation of Canadas Cold War Civil Defence and National Survival Effort

-BALLYMENA, Northern Ireland Bunker

-ARP History 1939-1945

The mystery of the air raid sirens {In Canada}

-A charming farmhouse – with a Cold War bunker in the basement

-How Air Raid Sirens Work

-TSAR Bomb and Thermonuclear Warhead – – The largest nuclear bomb ever




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